Welcome to Theology in Africa

At the beginning of 2017, I believe God invited me to experience, explore and express sound theology through careful Bible study, critical reading of Christian books, and intentional community building. I call this BBC – Bible, Books & Community.

Fortunately, I stumbled on several excellent Bible reading resources that I believe helped me understand the Bible better. My ebook reader has almost 1,000 books; contemporary fiction,  historical fiction, biographies, memoirs, academic and popular books.

Africans who become Christians should therefore remain Africans wherever their culture does not conflict with the Bible. It is the Bible that must judge the culture.
– Byang Henry Kato

Theology in Africa offers you a chance to experience and explore theology from an African perspective. Join me as I publicly and honestly wrestle with my African traditional worldview in a bid to develop biblical worldview.

Why Theology in Africa

The vision of Theology in Africa is to make theology accessible to African Christians through studying, practicing and teaching God’s word faithfully and effectively.

Theology in Africa offers resources developed with guidance of the 3 pillars of knowing Christ fruitfully and effectively:

1. Orthodoxy

Your doctrine can only become sound when you have a biblical worldview crafted through a careful diligent study, godly practice and faithful teaching of the Word of God. Therefore, you and I need convictions and not opinions that can mislead people.

2. Orthopraxy

A conviction that is not supported by godliness denies the power of the gospel. It is like a man who builds a house on sand instead of a rock. God’s Word is the rock that can secure our faith in times of trials. Africa needs a secured faith.

3. Doxology

Your doctrine can only become sound when you have a biblical worldview crafted through a careful diligent study, godly practice and faithful teaching of the Word of God.

A lived out conviction should culminate into humility, patience and incessant worship of the living God. When your convictions and life is straightened by the grace of God, you yield to Christ call ‘Come and die’ with joy and peace.


Why White Evangelicals Deny Climate Change

White evangelicals who deny climate change put political inclination ahead of theological conviction.

A study by Elaine Ecklund and co-workers found evolution skepticism and not climate change denial was stirred by religious beliefs. Sadly, the Rice University researchers found climate change people who denied climate change were politically conservative, lacked confidence in science, and had lower levels of education.

Is Your Pastor A Con Man?

If you want to escape the grip of con artists in the church, you need to continue in God’s word. Jesus Christ said we are his disciples if we continue in his word. And as disciples, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free (John 8:31-32). Knowing salvation is found in no other but Christ, can helps you escape the traps of con artists.

Is Your Theology In Love With Pangolins From Africa?

In this series, the Christian and the Environment, I will be discussing on the role of Christians in protecting the environment. As an environmental scientist, I am passionate about the intersection between the environment and theology. However, as an African, I live in a world where the effects of environmental negligence are part of life.

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The goal of Theology in Africa is to invite you into a conversation about Christ, in Christ, with Christ. And to do that you and I need to talk to each other, you ask questions and I also ask questions.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me.