25+ Christian Books By African Authors You Should Read

10 Christian Books By African Authors You Should Read

If you know an African writer besides Augustine, Cyprian and Origen, I bet the Christian book you read was a memoir. An African person experiences a painful tragedy; genocide, murder, poverty, civil wars or diseases. A Christian well-wisher comes along and takes them to America where they live happily ever after. But if you're an African, all the books by African Christians you have read are probably by the founder of your church. Chris Oyakhilome, Dag Heward-Mills or David O. Oyedepo. That's sad but you're not alone; African Christians don't read African Christians. Good Christian books by Africans are like diamonds. They're precious but rare and born from intense pressure and heat. They can only be found after digging in the right places. But you won't find them in your local bookstore. It's hard to learn from African Christians.

Why White Evangelicals Deny Climate Change

Why white evangelicals deny climate change

White evangelicals who deny climate change put political inclination ahead of theological conviction. A study by Elaine Ecklund and co-workers found evolution skepticism and not climate change denial was stirred by religious beliefs. Sadly, the Rice University researchers found climate change people who denied climate change were politically conservative, lacked confidence in science, and had lower levels of education.

Is Your Pastor A Con Man?

Is your pastor is a con man?

If you want to escape the grip of con artists in the church, you need to continue in God’s word. Jesus Christ said we are his disciples if we continue in his word. And as disciples, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free (John 8:31-32). Knowing salvation is found in no other but Christ, can helps you escape the traps of con artists.

Is Your Theology In Love With Pangolins From Africa?

Pangolins eat ants

In this series, the Christian and the Environment, I will be discussing on the role of Christians in protecting the environment. As an environmental scientist, I am passionate about the intersection between the environment and theology. However, as an African, I live in a world where the effects of environmental negligence are part of life.

Top 50 Christian Books For 2017

Top 25 Christian Books for 2017

The Christian books you read can become a gentle breeze that blows you away from the coast of God's faithful presence. For that reason, I resolved to read books beyond my comfort zone in 2017. Here's a top 50 list of books you should read in 2017.

Are Traditional African Weddings Demonic and Unchristian?

Are Traditional African Weddings Demonic and Unchristian

How did Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert became the standard Christian wedding in Africa? In 1840, when the monarch of Britain chose to wear a white gown for her wedding instead of the colorful garments worn during that time, she had no idea she had started a new Christian tradition. Today, a white gown represent sexual purity. What started as a fashion statement, a description of taste, has been slapped with Christian symbolism and now represent sexual purity.

How To Run A Vibrant Christian WhatsApp Group

How to run a Christian whatsapp group

A friend adds you to your Church's WhatsApp Group Chat. Excited, you look forward to staying connected to other believers. Your desire is to hear what God is doing in your fellow believers’ lives. But after a week, you feel trapped. The Church WhatsApp Group isn't anything you expected. It's a nuisance and spammy at best. People don't talk about anything fruitful except recycling worn-out stupid churchy jokes, bombarding you with misquoted Bible verses and promoting false inspirational stories that keep Snopes.com in business. And you wonder, “Is this what a church WhatsApp Group is supposed to look like?” No.

Should Your Church Promote Deliverance Ministry?

5 Marks of a Christ-Centered Deliverance Ministry

What would you do if a woman who previously had five sexual relationships walks into your church? If your church is like 50% of the Christian churches in Africa, the woman will receive a prayer for deliverance. Why receive a prayer for deliverance? Because sinners need spiritual deliverance. Therefore, your pastor would cast out the spirit of adultery and fornication oppressing the woman. Churches that emphasize spiritual deliverance grow rapidly in Africa. Because people are lured to churches that confirm their past, predict their future, and validate their fears. But is a deliverance ministry really biblical? What is the role of deliverance ministry in your local church?