The Secret Place: 49 Reasons Knowing God Transforms Prayer

The Secret Place: 49 Reasons Knowing God Transforms Prayer
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I once challenged myself to pray the Lord’s Prayer for seven days. Each day, I wrote 7 things I learned about each component of the Lord’s Prayer that challenged how I view God. What started of as a seven-day challenge ended taking almost a month.

In The Secret Place, I share the incredible lessons I learned about the Triune God in a journey that transformed how I prayed. Prayer is more than making our requests known to God; it’s God’s nature becoming a reality in us.

The Good Shepherd: Grace sets back your setbacks

The Good Shepherd: Grace sets back your setbacks
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This book looks at the life of David from his birth until he became a king. Besides Jesus and Job, I don’t think there’s any other person in the Bible who endured a lot like David. He was just like most of us, he faced problems he created and some others created for him. But he remained the man after God’s own heart.

In The Good Shepherd, you will learn about the relentless love of God that equips and mandate believers to be beacons of hope in a hopeless generation. And I guess that is why this book is my wife’s favorite. She says it’s an easy read, clear and straight to the point.

Upcoming books

Pew Theology: Redeeming the Gospel in Africa

Christianity in Africa has been infested by a dangerous false teaching that reduces Christ’s redemption to a vehicle for personal gain. Millions of people across Africa are daily fed with the lies of the prosperity gospel through Christian satellite TVs and the pulpit.

I believe when the church in Africa become a congregation of theologians – people schooled in the knowledge of God – prosperity gospel will be defeated. Pew Theology aim to help the African church to be like the church in Berea that was diligent in seeking the Scriptures.

I have completed writing Pew Theology. And I have sent a proposal to a Christian publisher. I am waiting for their decision.

A Little Exercise for African Christians: Why & How to Study the Bible

I have changed the title of this book several times; A Little Book for New Christians, A Little Exercise for New Christians and Bible Interpretation for Beginners. And I am still searching. This book is about Bible interpretation targeting African Christians.

I have written the Preface, Introduction and Part 1 (chapters 1 to 3). A Little Exercise for African Christians will comprise of 3 Parts, Why Study the Bible, Nature of the Bible and How to Study the Bible. This book complements Pew Theology.

I look forward to finishing this book by May 31, 2017.

If you are interested in reviewing Advanced Reader Copies of the upcoming books, leave a comment below or send me a message through the contact page.


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